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Ready for Round 3!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we last touch based. We have been quiet but been busy behind the scenes preparing our next convoy due August 22nd!

Here is a little recap of the work we have done so far:

Convoy #1 – 2 ambulances and medical supplies delivered. Two hours after we delivered the first ambulance, we received a call from officials, saying that ambulance was immediately used to pick up 2 wounded people that would have otherwise died. This really motivated us to keep going!

Convoy #2: June 2022 – 5 vehicles delivered (one ambulance, two 4x4s, one bus, one van). The 4x4 help getting doctors and medical supplies to areas that ambulances can’t get to due to bombing and road conditions. As for the bus and van as areas become occupied, residents do everything they can to escape. Some of them drive their own cars; others, who do not have cars, pay people to take them out. The bus and van donated have been helping people who don’t have cars or money to leave, evacuate the occupied zones. During this delivery, we were greeted by a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament who thanked us for the help we have been sending and told us a bit more about the impact this help has on his people. You can watch the chat we had with him by following the links below:

Convoy #3: August 2022 – 7 vehicles, our biggest one yet! For this one, we will be delivering ambulances, 4x4s, vans, defibrillators, stretchers, oxygen units, etc – all possible thanks to your contributions and support. We look forward to sending you updates on this journey!

Coming up… Convoy #4. For as long as donations keep coming in, we are committed to continue sending aid to the people in Ukraine.

Remember we are trying to document as much as possible on our Instagram page. You can check out our latest updates here :

Thanks so much again for all your support!

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