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Convoy 4 is here!

We are back in Ukraine this week delivering an additional 6 vehicles and medical supplies! As winter approaches, roads and tracks are turning into mud causing for non-4WD vehicles to get bogged (as you can see in the image ) and this situation will only get more complicated once snow starts coming. So, a big ask for this trip was to send 4WD vehicles fitted with stretchers. By the completion of this trip, we will have delivered 24 (hopefully 25) vehicles since we started the project back in April - thank you all, once again, for your amazing contributions and support. As mentioned, we are committed to continue sending much needed assistance into Ukraine. Once Convoy #4 is completed towards the end of October, we will get back to work and start working on Convoy #5. Donations are still open and any additional help towards our next trip into Ukraine is welcome! We will keep you updated on Convoy #4 as it progresses!

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