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Due to the Russian invasion and bombing of Ukraine there is a requirement for all forms of urgent assistance to help Ukraine and it’s wonderful people.  While there is unprecedented aid being provided to Ukraine from governments around the world. Almost all of it, is Military aid and focused on winning the war. There is a huge unmet need for basic civilian aid, which isn’t getting the focus like the offensive/military support.

Having spent significant time in Ukraine and having both family and friends there, well know Australian business person and elected member of the North Sydney Local Government, James Spenceley found it difficult to find direct and trusted ways to donate or get assistance immediately to affected people in Ukraine. Since launching in April 2022, we have purchased and delivered: 

  • Second-hand ambulances for use in towns/cities near front lines, replacing those that are continually destroyed


  • Second-hand 9-20 seat buses for evacuation of people out of threatened towns and out of Russian occupied areas


  • Second-hand 4x4 pickup trucks to deliver doctors and collect patients from areas where shelling has damaged roads and regular ambulances can no longer access


  • General medical aid such as defibrillators, oxygen units and stretchers.


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