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There is a significant shortage of basic humanitarian aid for Ukraine and its wonderful people.  

We personally sourced and funded 2 second-hand ambulances filled with medical supplies which personally delivered to Zaporozhye City Council on May 26th.

In June 2022, we went on our second trip back to Ukraine to deliver 1 ambulance, 1 bus and 2 4x4's purchased with funds raised through private donations. 


With your help, we have raised over $200,000  and we are now doing a bulk purchase of 10 ADDITIONAL AMBULANCES!

Directly help people in Ukraine by contributing and crowd-funding even more ambulance purchases!


While donation are not tax deductible, 100% of money raised will be directly used to purchase more ambulances, patient transport vehicles and associated medical supplies.


You are contributing to buying part of an ambulance which will be in Ukraine helping people in a matter of days.

Follow our journey on Instagram @ausukraineaid

“Each additional ambulance we send is saving up to 5 lives per day.”

Andy, Director Ambulance Aid UK



Well know Australian business person and recently-elected member of the North Sydney Local Government, James Spenceley is behind this project.

“Having spent significant time in Ukraine and having both family and friends there, I found it difficult to find direct and trusted ways to donate or get assistance immediately to help people in Ukraine.


Speaking with relatives and friends in Ukraine, I found one of the most requested items to be ambulances, with many having been destroyed in the conflict. 


I’ve sourced and personally purchased 2 second-hand ambulances with the required associated medical supplies and will personally deliver them to Ukraine."


You can follow James' journey via his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to be assured of the direct nature of the donation. 


To bring the aid even further, James has launched a GoFundMe campaign to crowd-source the purchase additional ambulances.



female hands painted in Ukraine flag colors yellow-blue. Stop the war and the power of Ukr

Join us!

100% of the money raised for this campaign will be used to purchase more ambulances, patient transport vehicles and their associated medical supplies and logistics.

AU$25,000 covers the purchase and delivery of 1x second-hand ambulance fully loaded with medical equipment. 


If you want to help or contribute, fill the form below or text/call us on 0478920601.

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